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Alpha Pharaoh
Introducing Alpha Pharaoh – our all-natural, muscle-building and performance enhancing supplement for athletes. Whether you’re a CrossFit enthusiast, weightlifter or weekend warrior, Alpha Pharaoh has got you covered! We understand that physical fitness takes hard work and dedication – but now you can enjoy the full benefit of your training with extra help from our carefully formulated blend of ingredients. Our proprietary blend is scientifically designed to maximize your muscle growth potential. Packed with Vitamin B12 to support fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism in your body, Beta Alanine to help
prevent soreness and fatigue during intense workouts, tart cherries extract to speed up recovery time post-session, and caffeine anhydrous boost to aid in energy production – Alpha Pharaoh provides supreme fueling and protection for any athlete looking to enhance their athletic performance. Whether it’s one more rep in the rack or a few extra rounds on the track, Alpha Pharaoh catapults your
body into overdrive modes so you can dominate each challenge. Take your workout further with Alpha